If your motto is ‘work hard; play hard’, know that Gibson AW20 can mix just as well as it can match.
Moving from the office to the bar, flip and switch the upside for the downside of different
but complimentary suits and watch your wardrobe multiply.

For the man who leaves the office last, the wine tones of the three-piece business
suit will power your working day. After dark,these vests and jackets look dashing
together or separate, so peel off a layer or two and ease into a night against the skyline.

For the more sumptuous affair, the jewel-wine velvet Dinner Jacket is the statement
piece of the collection, and like a finger on a pulse, just put it on and feel it throb.

Autumn isn’t complete without the races, and for a day of rubbing shoulders, thundering hooves and
bustling crowds, ride high on emotion knowing Gibson’s suave layering alternations
scream nothing but composure.

With flashes of yellow check against grey and colour pattern
combo’s boasting electric energy, Gibson’s latest Winter Collection is like lighting
between clouds – made for the man who cuts through the crowd.