What to wear to a wedding

The invite’s arrived and you’re faced with your first dilemma. So what’s the difference between semiformal and cocktail attire? We’ve simplified the job of getting dressed for a wedding to make sure you’ll be the sharpest looking guest there.

Prepare early

It’s always a good idea to get prepped well before the wedding, especially if travel is involved. You don’t want to be rushing to buy a suit the day before and then running out of time to have your trousers shortened or your shoes shined. Consider the dress code as well. Semi-formal means a smart suit, cocktail attire requires a dressier a dark suit and tie, while black tie definitely means a tux.

You’re not going to work

Probably the most important thing when suiting up for a wedding is to not look like you’re heading to the office. The easiest way to avert this problem is to start with a navy suit. It will pass most dress codes and unlike lighter hues, navy always looks modern and smart. While you can still wear it to work, it doesn’t have that strictly ‘business’ vibe. Look for something with lighter weight fabric that gives you the freedom to move. Our Fundamental jacket and Caper trouser is a good choice – they will keep you cooler in the summer months and are perfect for hitting the dance floor.

Get the details right

While a white shirt and dark tie is a failsafe option and works for a formal dress code, it’s a good idea to keep your accessories upbeat for a summer wedding. After all, this is meant to be a joyous occasion for the happy couple. Floral ties and pocket squares are your best bet and look great at a garden wedding. Back them up with a pastel shirt which will really pop against your suit. And if you’re going solo, everyone knows weddings are a great place to meet someone – a few bold accents are sure to get you noticed.

The Tux

When ‘tuxedo’ crops up in conversation you might immediately think ‘rental’. But owning a tux is an investment that makes a lot of sense. Not only is it the pinnacle of men’s tailoring, the tux is timeless – buy wisely and you’ll have it for years to come. And nothing makes you feel more like a gentleman than having a tux in your sartorial arsenal.

How to suit up like an A-lister

A tux shouldn’t have an expiry date, so go for a classic look in a slim tailored fit. A refined satin lapel with clean lines is crucial – it really offsets the entire look and is the first sign of a quality tux. Instead of a notched or peak lapel, try our shawl lapel jacket – it always looks flawless, it works on every guy, and it creates a continuous line that frames your shirt and tie.

You’ve probably seen a wingtip collared shirt worn with traditional tuxes. But a conventional collar works just fine and actually looks more modern. Our crisp white dinner shirt features contrasting black buttons to pick up on your lapel and adds a subtle finishing detail that makes all the difference.

Ditch the cummerbunds and try a vest instead. By adding a waistcoat, you’re echoing the V shape of your lapels and channeling more of that gentlemanly vibe.

When it comes to colour, black is the classic go-to. But midnight blue is fast becoming the new way to wear a tux. And if you want to make it even more modern, break up your look by wearing a navy jacket with a black pant – the navy gives off a richness against the black that looks great under evening lights.

Lastly, keep your accessories simple. All you need is a hint of a neatly folded pocket square, and a satin bow tie is mandatory of course.

Get more kicks out of the sneaker suit.

You’ve seen it on the runway and in your feed, but maybe you haven’t got around to trying it out. It’s one of our favourite ways to wear a suit right now and we’re here to show you how to get it right.

Nailing the look.

Not just any suit can be worn with sneakers. It has to be the right kind of suit, and the right kind of sneaker for that matter.

Firstly, your trousers need to be flat front and tapered. With a slimmer thigh, knee and calf, our Blast trouser is cut to pair perfectly with sneakers. And when it comes to length, shorter is better – a slight break is ok, but we prefer no break at all.

To match the lean silhouette of our Blast trouser, we’ve designed the Sonic jacket. As soon as you slip into it, you’ll feel the difference of a more fitted chest and a softer shoulder that’s shaped for movement. So even though the fit is slim, the feel is light and easy-to-wear.

Suit-worthy sneakers.

To avoid looking like you’re heading to the gym, steer clear of performance style sneakers. Instead, opt for clean lines and a streamlined style in leather. Keep things minimal, classic, and always in pristine condition. If you’re dressing for a more formal occasion, patent leather is perfect for pm.

High tech designer sneakers can work with your tailoring too. Futuristic details will give your suit a fashion forward edge. But pulling off this look comes with a higher degree of difficulty. If you’re keen to attempt it, just be sure to keep your kicks in one solid colour.

Office appropriate or off-duty chill.

You may think the office is somewhere you wouldn’t dare tread with this look. But if your workplace allows for a little more freedom, then the sneaker suit will set you apart from your co-workers. Neutral or grey sneakers are a fail-safe option. Swap out your business shirt for a slim fit shirt in a plain colour or subtle micro print. Button it to the neck and forget the tie.

For the creative guy who likes looking sharp off-duty, the sneaker suit strikes the perfect balance between polished and relaxed. Team it with a classic white sneaker, or if you want to give your look a fresh Spring spin, try popping off some colour against your tailoring with a pair of bold statement kicks.